Nowadays, many people are using their iPhones for reading books or listening to audiobooks. Let’s review the best iPhone apps in the books domain. You should pick one that suits you, download it and dive into the magic. Let’s kick it off!

Our first app is called Audiobooks and it is free.

Imagine something akin to your iPod playlist! This is exactly how Audiobooks works. There are many categories such as Author, Title and Most Popular that you can use to search through your audiobooks when you first start up the application. And of course you can always pick a random one as you wish. The list of available books is presented alphabetically. It is a list form and scrolling through them is pretty simple. Just swipe your finger down the list and that’s it! A very useful search box that allows you to quickly find a title is also present. Other features include an amount of 2,000 books that are streamed from the eBooks site, LibriVox. Streaming was pretty fast as the streaming is done at the same time as you are playing a certain book. While a segment is played, the next part is buffering. As a result, the quality is excellent. Unfortunately, the content can’t be streamed over a 3G network, so a Wi-Fi connection is a must. When you are on the move, you won’t be able to use Audiobooks.

Our second iPhone app is Children’s Classics.

If your children crave a particular book for bedtime reading then you need this handy app. The menu is nicely presented and well laid out. Once you’ve chosen your selected text, the app then launches straight into the book rather than a chapter listing. The default font is big and bold and goes very easy on the eye. You can, of course, change its size, font type, color, and even the paper type from the settings menu. If you tap on the screen, the app will also auto scroll the pages for you – as slow or as fast as you like – and you can double tap again to regain scrolling control. All in all, this app is an innovative new way that will surely help you with all the bedtime story reading that you have promised your kids.

Our third app for reading books on your iPhone is B&N eReader.

It is a free application and it comes from the book selling giant, Barnes & Noble. It comes with five free classic e-books and a copy of Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary is also provided. The cool feature of this app is that any downloaded titles are stored in the cloud, so you can also access them from any handheld device, a PC or a Mac. The background and text color can be changed to a scheme that suits you best. The app looks great, all thanks to the Cover Flow-style book browsing. Another great feature provided by B&N eReader is text selection. A menu is brought up simply by tapping and holding any word. You get access to dictionary look-up, note-adding, highlighting, Google look-up and Wikipedia look-up. Simply put, B&N eReader is a fantastic e-book Reader!

How does having an entire library of books at your fingertips sounds? The Kindle app is exactly that!

It boasts more than 240,000 titles available through the Kindle Store. Keep in mind that you must first have an Amazon account set up! After the book has been ordered online and downloaded, the next step is to sync it up to your phone. Switching between pages and books is a breeze and with so many available books at your disposal, you will utilize this app for a very long, long time!

Reading is fun with the Stanza app.

You have your very own library ready for you at any given time. Thousands of electronic book titles are available from classics to new bestsellers. The title, subject and author categories are a great way of organizing your books and with Stanza, you will easily get through your library. It’s a very convenient app with a good interface also. It is relatively intuitive and easy to use. All in all, Stanza is a good eBook application that will surely please you.