In light of the recent growing wave of problems related to personal data being leaked, Google have unveiled an interesting new tool called “Me on the Web,” aimed at those of you who’re more concerned with their personal details and want to know as soon as some of them have been spotted online.

Using the tool, you can create customized e-mail alerts which you’ll receive as soon as Google’s spider bots have uncovered something relevant. You can also receive them in a scheduled, weekly or monthly manner. The default alerts look out for your real name and e-mail address – but you can customize them to a great extent, adding things like your phone number, SSN, personal address or whatever else you can think of.

In addition, you’re also given the ability to remove your personal information from Google’s search results, something new and unique in their services. Basically, according to Google, this service is designed to give you control over what others can find out about you online. Google’s philosophy is that your online identity isn’t just shaped by your own activities, but by those of others as well (when they address you) – and in some cases the results of one single post can be disastrous (like that drunken picture of you from last week’s party suddenly escaping from the private circles of your Facebook friends and making its way onto a public blog with your name under it).